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Queens DOT Violation Removal

DOT dipped sidewalk

If you're concerned about DOT violation removal for your Queens area commercial, residential, or landmark property, the sidewalk repair pros at Sidewalk Repair Queens can resolve your issue in a New York minute.

The Department of Transportation assesses the condition of neighborhood sidewalks throughout the Queens area to ensure that safety standards are met. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the sidewalk adjacent to their property. If DOT determines that repairs are needed, they will issue the property owner a DOT violation notice. Once you receive that notice and contact the DOT violation removal experts at Sidewalk Repair Queens, we will handle all aspects of your removal:


Blueprint interpretation and adherence to specifications

Demo, repair, cleanup, and traffic control

Final inspections

Provide documentation for DOT violation removal

Resolving DOT Violations Related To Sidewalk Surfaces Before They Become A Fine

A DOT violation is not a fine. However, ignoring the notice will give DOT authority to bring in their own contractors to make the repair, and then bill you for the cost. In most cases, this costs significantly more than hiring a private contractor and leaves you without the option to control the project.

Save money, time, and consult with a licensed contractor who works for YOU, on your terms. The licensed specialists at Sidewalk Repair Queens are not only familiar with all of the procedures and requirements associated with DOT violation removal, but they also offer quality workmanship at affordable prices.

Sidewalk Repair Queens can resolve your DOT violation removal with services such as:

Surface deterioration, holes, and crack repair

Sloping or grading resolution

Protruding object remediation

Curb and driveway repair

Landmark sidewalk repair

Emergency sidewalk repair

When you call the pros at Sidewalk Repair Queens for your DOT violation removal, you can feel confident that we will always be prompt, professional, and courteous. We are fully licensed and insured, so you will always feel comfortable that your home, business, family, guests, and customers will always be protected. We offer free consultations for your DOT violation removal and can guide you through the entire process from beginning to finalization.

Experienced In A Variety Of Concrete Related DOT Violation Removal Situations

If your DOT violation removal requires specialized attention due to pavers, customized utility and accessibility ramps, or historical stone or concrete landmark repairs, Sidewalk Repair Queens has the specialist for you. We have years of expertise in maintaining concrete surfaces in Queens, and can tackle your toughest project whether it is sidewalks, curbs, ramps, walkways, backyard projects, driveways, walkways … no job is too large or too small.

We offer next day emergency repair in the event of a hazardous situation or collapse and can ensure that your repair is made to the highest standards and specifications designated by the governing municipality in your area.

At Sidewalk Repair Queens, we care about our neighbors and our community. We let our reputation as the leading concrete repair contractor in Queens speak for itself. When you want customized service and quick DOT violation removal, look no further than the trustworthy professionals at Sidewalk Repair Queens. Call us today at 718-544-6411 for assistance with your DOT violation removal in the Queens area.

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